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Michelin-Star restaurants: An after-sought recognition

Michelin-Star restaurants: An after-sought recognition

Michelin Restaurant

They are the Oscars of gastronomy. Michelin stars dominate the sky of the gastronomic industry and the best chefs from all over the world work hard in their kitchens to achieve them. Creativity, innovation, prime materials… 

What are the main ingredients to achieve this prestigious recognition?

There are several factors to achieve a Michelin Restaurant, although the spirit of improvement of the staff who run it is key.

The meaning of Michelin Stars

In this article we are going to delve into the meaning of the stars and we will review some of the awarded restaurants.

To begin with, we must distinguish that the stars reward establishments that offer any type of cuisine. This cuisine must be of the highest quality according to a series of criteria such as a correct selection of products, optimum mastery of the cooking points, fine flavours and a good quality-price ratio.

How Michelin Stars are awarded

As we have seen in more than one film, the visit of a gastronomic critic puts the whole team in check, doing their utmost to please him. To guarantee impartiality, Michelin sends a team of anonymous, independent professionals from different parts of the world. They will never reveal their identity and are experts in examining the different restaurants without arousing suspicion

The profile of these judges is always similar. They are trained in hotel and catering schools and have experience in the sector (a minimum of 5 years). In addition, before starting the job, they must undergo 6 months of training.

In this training they will be explained some key points that are kept in the strictest secrecy and that are decisive for obtaining a Michelin Star.

The inspectors, however, must always have their suitcases ready, as they can travel more than 30,000 kilometres and analyse some 250 restaurants. 

The visits are like those of any other customer, i.e. they will order an unremarkable amount of food and pay their bill like anyone else.

It’s not just about the food

At the beginning, food was the only thing taken into account. And we agree that it is obviously the most important thing. But nowadays there are other factors, such as the chef’s personality, the surroundings of the place and its comfort, which are also valued.

All these factors cannot be analysed in depth in a single visit without no one noticing. This is why they receive up to four visits for the first award, while they can receive up to ten visits if they are already in contention for the second star.

This also ensures that the award depends on more than one person.

The stars are always given to the restaurant and not to the chef, which is why if the chef leaves, the number of visits is increased to check that the quality has not changed.

Normally Michelin restaurants, given the quality of what they offer, have a high average ticket price. Aware of this and in order to make good food more accessible to everyone, was created the Bib Gourmand recognition (represented by its well-known dummy).

This badge rewards establishments that offer good food at affordable prices. This pictogram, which shows the round dummy licking his lips, began to be used in 1997 and represents restaurants where you can enjoy a starter, main course and dessert for a ticket of approximately 35 euros per person.

Spain and its starry sky

It is no secret that Spain is a great place to eat, and proof of this is the number of Michelin-Star restaurants scattered throughout the country. As of 2022, the country has 283 Michelin stars, divided into eleven restaurants with three stars, 33 restaurants with two stars and 184 restaurants with one star.

The city of Marbella has become an Andalusian reference point for gastronomy, currently boasting four Michelin-starred establishments and up to thirteen recommended by the Michelin guide.

An honour of which the Boho Restaurant, located in the Boho Club Resort and headed by Chef Diego del Río, who has already been awarded a Michelin star during his time at El Lago, can boast.

Sopa de maíz, mojo de aguacate y verduras encurtidas- bohoclub restaurante michelin estrella marbella

Boho Restaurant combines signature cuisine, in which Andalusian and zero-kilometre products take precedence, with an elegant and relaxed atmosphere in which a professional but friendly service is offered, making the client feel at home.

Every moment of the day is taken care of with the same interest, so that breakfasts, lunches and dinners offer surprising proposals such as a Cherry tomato and ginger gazpacho, rice with Iberian prey or a false risotto with pesto and coconut.

The menus are carefully studied by Del Río, who is accompanied by the sommelier Richard Mena, whose wine cellar includes Andalusian wines, strong Rioja or wines from small producers.

While during the day you can enjoy a luxurious lunch menu for only 28 euros, in the evening you can enjoy a tasting menu for 95 euros with delicacies such as carabinero croquettes, monkfish with romesco sauce or venison loin.

A gastronomic paradise located in an exceptional setting surrounded by nature with views of the impressive mountain La Concha, to whom the city is grateful for its exceptional microclimate.


Marbella’s luxury restaurants position the city as a gastronomic reference point

Marbella’s luxury restaurants position the city as a gastronomic reference point


That Marbella is an enviable destination is beyond doubt. Just this year the city has been named Europe’s Most Exclusive Destination by the European Best Destinations platform, which describes the city as a “pioneering high-end destination”, alluding to its magnificent infrastructures, its hotel industry and its enviable range of restaurants.

And if we talk about luxury restaurants in Marbella that few municipalities offer such an extensive and high quality offer.

Deciding which are the best restaurants in Marbella in 2022 is therefore a difficult task. But we can start by clarifying what is meant by a luxury restaurant, a term that is sometimes misused to refer to establishments that may have an elegant appearance but do not meet the necessary requirements to be classified as such.


Restaurant classifications are carried out according to different variants such as their facilities, the professionalism of their staff, the space in which they are located and other criteria that sometimes differ from one autonomous community to another.

Another point to take into account is whether it appears in the Michelin Guide, has a Michelín Star or has a sun from the Campsa Guide.

This type of restaurant must also take care of all the details, offering its customers air conditioning, a head waiter who speaks languages, a large and quality wine cellar, a menu with Spanish and international cuisine, high quality cutlery and a team of qualified and properly uniformed workers.

However, it is clear that the best restaurant in Marbella must meet these parameters but also many others. After all, customers visit these types of establishments in search of a gastronomic experience, although it is important to take care of the rest of the senses.


If we focus on the gastronomic offer, there are also other criteria that must be evaluated before considering an establishment as a luxury restaurant and which have a lot to do with the gourmet concept.

In this type of restaurant, the figure of the head chef is key because the menu are defined around his figure and the dishes are usually quite original with special twists, even if they are based on a classic recipe. 

The food used is always of high quality, giving priority to seasonal food and “Km 0” products using fresh local produce.

Marbella’s attractiveness as a gastronomic destination is only growing, first class figures such as Dani García have luxury restaurants in the town while others such as Martín Berasategui have already announced their intention to land in the city.

Its high level tourism, its location between the sea and the mountains and its typical Andalusian gastronomy make it a magnet for all those who want to enjoy good food.

An example to follow,  Boho Club Restaurant

Now that we know the requirements that a restaurant have to meet to be named a luxury restaurant, let’s take a look at an example that not only meets all of them but also sets the bar very high for the competition. 

This is the Boho Club Restaurant, the gastronomic bet of the Boho Club Resort, which is headed by the chef Diego del Río. This restaurant represents the new hotel cuisine, an innovative, elaborate and high quality cuisine that is an attraction in itself for both customers and local citizens.


Its signature cuisine is reflected in its various services from breakfast to dinner, as Boho Club Restaurant offers menus and spaces adapted to every moment of the day. Their staff work with love and respect for Andalusian products, something Del Río is particularly proud of. 

The Chef realised the enormous lack of knowledge of these products on the part of the public and focused on continuing his training through congresses and conferences to transmit the importance of consuming local products, defending their quality as well as the need to fight for local cuisine.

Bohoclub-restaurante-lujo-marbella-michelin-Arroz de presa ibérica con alcachofas y judías

This knowledge is evident, and very much so, in his current menu, which is not lacking in nods to international cuisine.

In addition to breakfast, lunch (closed menu) and dinner (à la carte), there is a large selection of cocktails and a wine cellar that boasts the best wines.

Weekends deserve a special mention thanks to its magnificent brunch available from 12 to 16 hours and where you can taste top quality Andalusian products such as Iberian cured meats, cheeses, honeys, breads and a large selection of sweets, all completed with a menu with organic eggs and rice dishes.

Boho Club Restaurant makes up an interdisciplinary gastronomic space that is revolutionising the Marbella scene. In addition, diners can enjoy tasting menus that include food and wine pairings and even a personalised explanation from the chef himself.

A friendly service is provided by Del Río and the entire team of highly qualified professionals who are committed to providing the customer with a complete experience in an elegantly decorated setting with tables in the spacious interior and on the outdoor terraces.

The restaurant also has a little brother, the pool bar Bernies’, which focuses on snacks and offers more informal options.


In view of the data it is not surprising that deciding which is the best restaurant in Marbella is a close call, although as we have seen Boho Club Restaurant meets all the requirements to be at the top of the list.

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